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Business strategy, marketing and sales growth planning efforts continue to evolve with an endless number of new tools and services coming to market every day. As a business owner, lots of cool new tech choices are great but you know what the bottom line is... revenue.

Many small businesses have neither the time, nor money for fulltime marketing or business strategy staff but realize they need help. Others need an “outside in” consulting perspective to gain pertinent insight as to how current clients (as well as targets) perceive them, evaluate their products or services and look at their competitors.

IMES provides these companies with the critical market research, marketing, business strategy, product launch, export development and business consulting expertise needed to expand their business as well as market presence.

We provide revenue focused consulting that focuses on "actionable" marketing plans and business strategies. Why? Because today's small business clientele are no longer interested in lengthy and often very expensive traditional marketing or business strategy plans. They want short, highly focused, actionable strategies that keep it simple, focus on measurable results, are easy to implement and create new revenue at an economical price point.

IMES delivers by working closely with your team to understand business objectives, short & long term revenue goals and developing actionable strategies within your budget and time frame. Most of IMES clients are startups and small to midsize businesses just like yours, that have innovative products or services that are ready to launch and be commercialized. Or they may need help developing marketing plans, a product launch strategy or focus on jumpstarting sales.

Some of the services we have provided include: business strategy, lean start-up & business plan development, traditional as well as digital marketing (social media, website etc.,), USA or international market research, channel partner identification, competitive analysis, product marketing and go to market strategy development.  

Contact us and let’s work together to make your company even more successful than it is today!