IMES Clients

IMES works with innovative companies that are expanding internationally or growing domestically.  Companies like UMS, Bistorque, CF Brennan and Business Planning HQ all use our services to research markets, develop growth strategies, business planning and digital marketing to get a step ahead of competitors.  

IMES would like your company to be the next winner with a logo on this page!  

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Gold Coast Innovation Centre



Business Planning HQ

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Boab Systems


Talent Trust, international software engineers


  Towers Business Development 





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Client Recomendations
The greatest favor a client can offer a service provider is to provide some comments on their services after the sale: 

"David is a well connected Silicon Valley Pro that time and again delivered for us within short time frames.  His greatest skills are quickly understanding where a company fits, what they need to succeed and developing a market entry strategy that fits the market.  As an Australian CEO entering the US we engaged him and were thrilled with the results.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop international markets or to raise capital."

Jared Franks CEO Ioteq (

"Experienced.  David knows how to get the right pitch across to the right people.  Really helpful assistance with our high level interactions."

Justin Spangaro CEO Spangaro Systems (

"We found David's work on building out a comprehensive set of goals for our business and then creating strategies to reach those goals extremely helpful. He really gets you to focus on the key elements in your business and on realistic finances."


Jennifer Wolfe CEO DaRiMi Kidz (

"David proves himself, time and time again as our strongest link to quality information and key contacts for our pathfinding and market entry into Australia."

George Vakanas Intel Corporation (

"Whilst with Invest Victoria it was a great comfort knowing David was available to me to provide council, advice and general sounding board reflections on our US growth plans and market strategies and he always provided sound advice and useful insights.

In particular David provided US market entry advise and market entry strategic review for a new enterprise software product we were planning to add to our existing range.  His reflections on our plans were honest, insightful, extremely helpful and lead to our eventual decision to repackage the product into our existing range rather than push it out as a stand along product - which has since proven to be a successful marketing strategy!"

Rick Porter Revelation Software (

"David provided quality training, support and information well beyond the scope required during our recent preparation for the AlwaysOn presentation in Palo Alto.  I would be glad to recommend his services.  They would be particularly helpful to any other Aussie companies doing the same thing as us in planning to venture over to the USA"

Damian Hickey CEO Smackbiz