Marketing Services

Marketing ServicesOur focus, is your success: Help us understand what you want to accomplish and we will apply our expertise where it makes sense. We work on a retainer or project basis in most cases. However, for shorter projects we can provide an hourly scale and estimated hours. Please review a summary of some of our marketing based services:

Market Research

We will work with you to focus on the information you need vs. what is "nice to know". Market research is essential to understanding who is likely to buy your product(s) as well as who will you be competing with, how are they selling it, at what price, via what channels and what might your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) be in order to differentiate your company vs. your competitors.

Market research can be as straight forward as what companies should I target in this geographical region for sales? Who are the decision makers at each company and who do they buy from today that I will need to compete with? It can also be much more complex with a decision tree that will reflect multiple layers of research each one leading to the next stage of research ultimately answering the most important question. Who is going to buy my product and why?

The other major question we're asked to answer is, should I setup my own corporate entity, should I sell through a channel sales partner, license my technology or setup my own sales and distribution team?  This is a major question that requires upfront research to understand where your targets are geographically located, then if you decide to setup your own corporate entity where should the office be.  The other part of this equation is where will the best source of potential employees be and will I be able to get someone in the city I prefer to setup shop?  In regards to setting up shop we can assist you with CPA's, lawyers, realestate and recruiters depending on what you need.  This is a complex decision with many layers.  Call us and lets find out what we need to do in order to help you succeed!

Marketing Plans

The marketing plan is an essential step after your market research in order to plan how you're going to gain traction in a new market or expand sales in a market you're already in. We work with you to understand what you want to accomplish, what tools you have in place, what your competitors are doing and what your USP is, in order to develop an "Actionable Marketing Plan". The days of a complete marketing plan are over for most entrepreneurial startups. "Just provide me with the what I need to do, give me a list & plan and we'll make it happen".

IMES has worked with clients in: software & hardware (IT), data management, cloud hosting, SaaS, clean tech, Bio, Ag Bio, food, wine, manufactured goods, clothing, sports lodges, healthcare, government and management consulting. Because of our broad industry experience we're able to take best practices from many different verticals and create a plan that will help you differentiate your product or service in a way that often has crucial differences to your competitors. We're also big fans of "smarketing" which is finding the least expensive / most intelligent way to achieve your sales goals with a targeted marketing plan that cuts out the fluff and focuses on achievable results.