Channel Partner Strategy

Channel Partner StrategyChoosing the right partners in market is one of the most critical decisions a company can make. After a company knows there is a sales opportunity they need to decide what sales approach they should take in market. Often it is cheaper and easier to use an established company that is willing to take your product on and move it through their channels rather than developing your own sales and marketing team.

However, finding the right channel partner and then training them is tricky and time consuming especially for new entrants. We help by looking at the different options, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, contact a target list and then set up the meetings for you to decide who has the same passion for your product and is going to be a good partner to work with. After you decide who to work with then you need to develop a training program and sales plan that will help your new partner and you achieve your product sales goals.

Sales Enablement: Having experience on the sales side of the fence as well as the marketing side, is to our minds a critical base component of a successful sales strategy. By arming your organization's sales force with the proper tools you help ensure they have the right ammunition to fight for sales / increasing your market share. B2B & B2C professionals know that the key components of sales enablement start with the same things your marketing team should understand. 1. What problem does your company solve? 2. What value does it provide? What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) / why should I buy from you instead of company B?

Our team has worked with many different technologies looking to enter new markets especially the US.  We understand the challenges that innovative new technology companies face when they enter a new market and here are some of the specific channel partner development services we offer:


  • What are the most effective routes to market
  • Who are the best channel partners for you and why
  • Investigate, recruit and invest in the right channel partners
  • Create and deploy channel partner marketing programs that both motivate and deliver results
  • Train your channel partner to max results in B2B & B2C channels
  • Deliver the right sales enablement tools to your partners by working with and listening to them

We get it. In its most straightforward form, sales enablement in a channel sales environment is all about equipping your partners with the right USP(s), for the right target audience, delivered in the right format at the right time. Contact us to help you understand your target audience, what your USP is and how to arm your channel partners with the best tools to succeed!