Our Services

At IMES we provide a variety of services which help our clients gain headway in the US & the Americas.  We believe that a successful market entry strategy must start by answering the fundamental question does your product/service have a solid opportunity to succeed here?

Our clients utilize our market research services to reduce uncertainty and gain applicable knowledge in their chosen market. After successfully researching who their competitors will be, who their potential clients might be and determining that there is a good opportunity to serve the market, then its time to start developing a solid market entry strategy.

With that in mind we offer our experience, networks and services to help you take your critical first steps to success in the US.

IMES offers many different services based on each client's unique requirements including:

Market Validation Research
Market Analysis 
Competitor Analysis
Client Identification/Research
Association/Government Research

Market Entry Strategy Plans

Marketing Plans

Website Planning

Website SEO Strategy Planning

Trade Show Facilitation

Funding Facilitation


Cleantech Services

Initial Business Development

Business Network Facilitation

Business Plan Development

Market Research
is a big part of our business and a critically important first step in developing your successful entry strategy.

With the global nature of business today, your local as well as international competition must be analyzed just as thoroughly as your potential clients.  Understanding how they sell their products, how they differentiate it, how they price it and what channels they use are important parts of figuring out what your best entry strategy should look like.  In addition markets are continuously changing as well as your competitors and clients.  Developing a strong market research knowledge benchmark which can be adjusted to changing conditions is a competitive advantage that can be applied to current as well as future plans.

Website Planning / SEO Strategies
are a critical part of your overall marketing plan.  In the US there is little doubt that your website is your most important marketing and sales tool.  We offer an integrated approach to developing the proper strategy to bring business to your site and convert it into sales.

By working on a plan to develop engaging content pertinent to your potential clients and incorporating a search engine optimization strategy we can help you target in on what interests your customers and drive them to your site.  We will also show you how to utilize tracking analytic tools (such as Googles) to ensure your SEO strategy continues to evolve with your customers as well as your competitors.

Strategy Planning Sessions have proved extremely valuable to many of our clients!  They can be run in many different ways and can range from new product brain storming sessions, to specific requirements such as; we need to be profitable in four quarters, lets break the to do's down by quarter and rank them by dollars required-who will do it-and prioritization to get there.

In these sessions we start with the base issue that we're targeting and work towards a successful strategy by attacking the problem at different angles and developing solutions that work for your company, within your budget and on time.

Sometimes it isn't about developing a great strategy, rather it's rolling up the sleeves and knocking out the hard yards.  Making the calls, perfecting the pitch creating the connections and logging the miles to make sales are all part of the business and quite often require someone on the ground in your chosen market.

We're your local advisor, partner and biggest fan!  Your success is our success.

Cleantech. We love cleantech work!  There is nothing better than helping the environment as well as a client at the same time.

We have been working on cleantech for a number of years now and have the connections as well as local knowledge to take advantage of the tremendous opporunities in the US.  Special Government, State and City Grants maybe available and the VC community has a lot of money waiting to be invested in quantifiable opportunities.  Give us a call and tell us about your green company!

Trade Shows
are an important part of doing business in the US for many different industries.  IMES can set up your exhibit, man your booth, answer client questions and generate a list of leads for your company from the show.  Many clients find that it is much less expensive to do it this way than to pay for an international flight, accomidations, transportation etc., and they have a local expert that knows the culture and how to properly position your product in market.