Website Development

Website DevelopmentWithout a website your company doesn't exist in today's highly competitive environment! That may sound harsh however, your website is your number one marketing tool and often your main sales generating engine. Think about it this way.  When you call a company for the first time where did you find about them? If you didn't find them online most people will try to find out something about your business online before they contact you!  IMES gets it! We have a broad range of services that will help ensure you stand out in a crowded market and have been developing websites for over 15 years.

Website Content: A great looking site is important but even more so is the content. Think of your website as the first point of contact for anyone interested in your company. Whenever somebody new contacts your company and you have some interest in them, you go to their website and take a look. The content must sell the viewer on you, by providing the answers to a number of quick questions that are as old as marketing itself. Who are you, What do you have to offer, Why should I care and how do I buy "it".

We will work with you to create a website wireframe (a page by page template that contains content, pictures, videos) that focuses on your brand and message across the site in an uniform and effective manner. The wireframe includes a break down for the designer and developer that clearly articulates what they need in order to design and build the best site possible for you.

Wireframe Contents

The wireframe is the planning stage or starting point for a successful web development project.  In this stage we name the pages, prepare the page content, think about the look & feel suggestiing pictures or video for the designer(s), header, titles, SEO meta tags  & Social Media links (Facebook, Twitter, youtube, linkedIn etc.,).

By providing this level of detail we speed up the development process and provide a level of granularity that provides all participants with a blue print of what we want to accomplish. This is the first stage of building an effective, compelling site.

Video Design and Production Services

IMES also creates videos that target your potential buyers.  We work with you to develop the appropriate message, content and video footage that will create the image, knowledge transfer and call to action your looking for.  Whether you're looking for insightful client product testimonials, sales videos, demo videos or demonstration videos IMES works with you to deliver video that "talks" to the viewer.  Video isn't right for every company.  However, if you have a product or service that would benefit from video please give us a call.

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Web Site Services

Most companies just sell their website design and development services.  IMES also offers a range of website marketing services to ensure your companies message is clear and concise. 

Website Marketing Services


Website Wireframe Content

You provide us with the written content and we will work with you to understand your customers and where the content should be show on each page. Or we can write it for you.

Website Content Writing

We work one - on one with you to carefully develop your marketing message and create content that sells your services.  Writing copy that is convincing is hard, even harder when it is about your own services.  Let us help you to dive into what your customer thinks is important and then creating content that is persuasive, informative and has the call to action you're looking for in order to create sales!  

Custom Website Planning

"Where should I start?" - For businesses that need more than a template based website this is a great place to begin. 

  • Research competitors & how they market themselves on their websites
  • What is your company USP - Unique Selling Proposition? How does it compare to your competitors?
  • Who is your target market? How do they find you now?
  • What are your website goals (what would you like to accomplish with your site?)
  • Key word identification (what words will your customers use to find your site)

When we understand how you want to position your site marketing we can start designing your website with you. We setup a meeting with one of our award winning designers and walk you through the design process and get your input.  The designer works closely with you to understand what design elements you want (look, feel, colors, pictures, other sites you may have liked etc.,) and then develops a custom designed template that incorporates all the design features you want.  We then add the content to your site and train you how to add your own future content when you want to do it without waiting on a technical person.  The Joomla! CMS is easy to learn and in an hour or so you'll be off and running adding your own content!

Integration of current marketing efforts into your new website

We will work with you to understand how your marketing your product or service already and deliver seamless content and positioning via your website that keeps  your message clear and concise.  The last thing you need is a website that changes your product positioning & marketing when you're going after new business via your site.  Let us help you craft the marketing content that helps you keep growing!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful new tool for small business that can quickly extend your digital marketing reach.  If you're interested in setting up and running Facebook, Twitter, YouTube sites call us and we can help you get them and up and running in no time.  Then we will work with you to prepare content and interest in the site to bring in the new viewers you want.

Ghost Blogging

If you're interested in having a great blog with interesting topics / stories pertinent to your customers but don't have the time, let us write the stories for you!!  Tell us what the topic should be, how long you want the article to be and we'll write the blog post for you, put it up on your site and your customers will see you as the author!

Most businesses are great at what they do and need to stay focused on what they do best.  By outsourcing this to IMES - you stay focused on what you need to but extend your marketing reach and increase your pool of potential new customers at the same time!