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Website Design

Website Design and DevelopmentThis is critical because it says a lot about your company both visually and intuitively. It should be easy on the eyes, clean, easy to navigate, but most importantly draw you to the content that informs and compels a viewer to want to see more / dig deeper into your site. The design should flow with your logo, branding and colors associated with it in a manner that seems effortlessly cohesive.

The best designs are closely integrated with social media tools to ensure that whether a viewer is on your company site, Facebook or Twitter the brand identity, look and feel flow throughout. We understand that's important in today's marketplace and will help you design a look and feel that can translate throughout all of your marketing. That takes us to stage three:

Website Development

We now know what the content will be, what the design should look like and the planning is over, it's time to build the site. Some sites will be stand alone sites that do nothing but inform. Other sites are integrated sales and marketing sites that both inform and sell. The most sophisticated sites today do all that and offer the opportunity to have a dialogue with prospects and customers - generally in some form of social media - today's hottest and often misunderstood soft sales tool.

Building a site might be simple but it isn't easy! The best developers take the time to understand what you need today as well as tomorrow to ensure you can quickly change your content or pages when needed without trashing the old site and building a new one. It is imperative that you have easy to use tools that allow you (not just the developer) to quickly change content on the fly, when you want to, at a moment's notice.

The other important element is that everything in the site and your social mediums is integrated and seamless - just like the look and feel of the design. We partner with an experienced developer that is closely integrated with the designers and content to ensure everything that you don't see, works as well as what you do see!


Search Engine Optimization is a term most are familiar with but know little beyond it is important and we have to do it. Our belief is that job one is optimizing your organic search first before looking to paid ad words for new traffic. We start with key words taken directly from your site and then optimize them with our tools and if you really need a boost our SEO partners.