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Social MediaToday's marketing plan is far more challenging than it ever has been. Just 10 years ago a marketing plan would have entailed a traditional plan and a website to communicate (usually in one direction - like a brochure) to potential customers as well as current clients. Today, you need a traditional marketing plan, a website marketing plan and for many a social media marketing plan.  Most importantly you need a strategy to ensure they all dovetail - work together to create an uniform brand idenitity and message that resonates to all target audiences.

Social media marketing is deservedly gaining a lot of attention and provides opportunities we never thought possible not too long ago.  However, it is not a silver bullet and the amount of time this strategy will require is often underestimated and not properly planned for. A social media campaign should be just as well thought out, well executed and managed as your overall marketing plan. It should have the same set of clear objectives, tactics, strategies and ROI measurement. And just like your overall marketing plan the end game is the same: make money. Otherwise why do it?

Old marketing focused on what people thought about their brand. Today's social media marketers focus on how people "engage with their brands" - in stores, online, during conversations with friends/co-workers - all touch points matter. The center of the social media world/power is the customer - whether you like it or not they are talking about your brand and creating or changing the image of it. Wouldn't it be better to be part of this two way dialogue and help shape it, rather than "hope" those talking about it do a good job for you?

Social Media marketing is not just putting up a Facebook corporate page, a LinkedIn page, a twitter account and a YouTube page then "setting it and forgetting it." IMES will help you understand  what the different elements of a coordinated marketing plan should look like and then create an actionable plan that is right for your product & industry, focusing on what you need to succeed.

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The world's largest social media platform so far. We can help you create a customized Facebook corporate page to ensure your brand looks the same on your website as on your Facebook page. We'll also ensure the content is in tune with your strategy and we'll teach you how to communicate with your potential customers.  Check out IMES Facebook corporate page and give us a Like! Also check out SmartVet's Facebook page


The world's largest professional networking social media platform. Your employees are likely on it, even if you're not. Make sure your LinkedIn page has the message you want to deliver to potential customers and if you're looking to attract new employees it's a great medium to utilize.

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This is another opportunity to create a custom marketing channel to ensure you're brand looks the same across social media platforms. We can provide you with the look & feel you want as well as teach you how to maximize your tweets / content / followers. Follow us on IMES Twitter! Or check out one of our animal health clients SmartVet twitter page.

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Search engines love video. The question is where do I put it and what purpose will it server my companies identity? We can help you make the videos, place them and create the links to maximize your online video presence. You can check out some of the interviews and commericals IMES has completed to facilitate clients or to assist our own sales and positioning:

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There are many other platforms available. Let IMES help you build a successful social media marketing plan and implement it!